First Workout Session At OBM

Train with Lynn 1.16.16

Warmup up is important before any workout to avoid any pulled muscles or injury.

This workout consisted of a warmup, timed circuit, and a cool down.

Our warm up included walking lunges, and what was not recorded was another warmup exercise with a partner and fitness bands.

The timed circuit workout had 5 stations that we completed twice.

First station: Step ups with or without weights
Second station: Single leg kettle bell balancing
Third station: Sumo Squats w/ Heavy Weights
Fourth station: TRX pull up variation
Fifth station: Bosu ball balancing Deep squats

Our cool down included mountain climbers, knees to elbows and ab V-ups.

We finished up with some stretching in the stretch room at the Orlando Body & Movement center.

The Pole Mamas Train with Lynn at the Orlando Body & Movement office. Lynn trains every Saturday, meeting with 2 large groups of inspired men and women who want to get healthy and live a stronger life! Come join us this Saturday at 12:15pm!!

7345 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32819
Tel: 407-704-7919

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