Allison S.

Allison Sipes was a national junior olympic gymnast and trained in professional dance as a child. She is now a certified group fitness and aerial instructor, an international performer and instructor, and an entrepreneur.

Allison is an X-Pole Sponsored Athlete and a USPDF Pro. She is a Master Trainer for XPert Pole Fitness and is the founder of, The Florida Pole Fitness Championship, The Florida Pole & Aerial Arts Showcase, and is the co-creator of Foxy Kleen, a fun scented fitness equipment cleaner. Allison also offers private coaching and consulting for students, performers and studio owners who are looking to improve their skills or business.

Allison has been Pole Performing and Instructing since 2005.

Her classes focus on combining dance, spins, aerial tricks and flexibility training from beginner through advanced levels. Allison also emphasizes proper technique and stretching for injury prevention. Allison not only brings her professional competition experience but also her classical dance expertise from her over 20 years of training to create a unique teaching environment in the “art of pole.”

You can view one of her videos here.