Lynn G.

  • Pole Mamas Athlete
  • Bad Kitty Brand Ambassador
  • 2013 Glitter Heels Photo Challenge Winner
  • 2013 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Short Class 1st Place Winner*(Awarded Pro Status) 3rd Place Fitness Diva Short
  • Co Creator, Aura Pole Group Fitness Instructor Training
  • WBFF Bikini Pro Athlete
  • Glitter Heels Pole Idol
  • NVIE Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
  • Lifestyle Management/Competition Prep Coach
  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certified personal trainer
  • Xpert pole fitness trained instructor

Pole Mamas personal trainer! Lynn Green is a crossover athlete that came to pole fitness in 2008 first as an experienced personal trainer and bikini fitness competitor before falling in love with pole and the community. After graduating with a B.S. in Sports and Fitness from UCF, she opened the first pole dancing studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL and began promoting pole fitness locally, attending pole conventions,showcases and competitions.

WBFF Pro Experience

The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) is the most glamorous fitness stage show in the world. A Victoria Secret style show with fitness models. A worldwide athlete brand, WBFF hosts shows in over 30+ countries attracting the top fitness athletes to compete for a shot at Pro Status and to share the stage with The Best of the Best. The divisions include Fitness Diva, Bikini Diva, Figure Diva Commercial Model, Transformation Diva and Male Muscle Model and Fitness Model Male. Team Pole Athlete is an opportunity for the pole dance athlete who has a desire to compete on this stage or a lifestyle (non competition) management client for weight/fat loss. Lynn and her husband, Dr. Alvin Green (the Pole Doc) have created a competition division of Pole Athlete with diet and weight training custom programs to build a stage ready physique.
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Team Pole Athlete Awards

  • Pole Mama Dara – Pro card Bikini Masters and 1st place Bikini Short
  • Pole Mamas Athlete Xiomara- Pro card
  • Pole Mama Elaine- 3rd Bikini Masters, Top 5 Bikini Tall & Top 5 Commercial Model Worlds Qualification
  • Tracey Searcy-Top 5 Fitness Masters
  • Chandra Adherent-Transformation Division Worlds 2016 Qualification

Lynn competed in Worlds Las Vegas 2015 in the Bikini division with hopes of continuing her journey in 2016.
Way to go Team Pole Athlete!

While living in Orlando and working at a local pole studio, Lynn met her soon to be coach Jeannette Jarnes. A WBFF Florida Ambassador and Pro athlete who recruited Lynn to join her Team Hard Kandy in 2013.

Lynn has competed in a couple other federations prior but never really continued. Her daughter was 2 years old when she decided to step back on stage but this time she won her first WBFF show earning pro status in bikini and 3rd place in fitness diva short. The experience was exactly what she loved about preparing/dieting for a show-the lights, the people, the music, the glamour was like a Victoria Secret Fashion Show for fitness models and she fell in love. Lynn is involved in promoting WBFF in Florida, volunteering backstage at the local shows and posing camps for competitors. In 2015 with the help of Jeannette Jarnes and her husband Dr. Alvin Green she created Team Pole Athletes. A lifestyle management (weight/fat loss) and a small competitive fitness team. Not everyone wants to compete so the majority of her focus is actually in helping pole dancers or clients in general learn healthy eating patterns, educate and train weight lifting and encourage them to keep setting and achieving new goals.

Family Life

In 2011 she gave birth to a little girl and moved the family to outside Orlando. Lynn is married to and works with, Dr. Alvin Green at Orlando Body Movement Therapy where they are known to treat and work with a variety of athletes especially pole athletes.

She loves the gym and also dancing, Lynn teaches Aura Cardio Pole dance a group fitness class to burn calories and get beginner pole clients fit!

A mom herself, Lynn enjoys motivating other moms to succeed in their goals and currently trains clients and herself with weight lifting, preparing for WBFF fitness shows and pole dancing!