Pole Mama Janet

Pole fitness has now become an obsession of hers for over 2 years now. It continues to be a part of her life, as it brings out the confidence, flexibility, and energy in her that she never knew she had. A mother of two beautiful girls ages 19 and 13, Janet is also currently a student pursuing her nursing degree and has furthered her Pole Career by taking the IPSF Judges Training in New Orleans, LA. This has taken her knowledge of the Pole Sport to a higher level of expertise along with her trainings and certifications in Aerius and Xpert.

At the heaviest weight of her life back in 2005, she went through many failed attempts at losing weight, including diet pills, liquid diets and a variety of exercise programs. All with little to no results. Janet even earned a black belt in Martial Arts and was highly dedicated to Bikram (Hot) Yoga, but no matter how hard she trained she was never able to achieve the body she wanted.

At the peak of her frustration with physical fitness, Janet made what she thought was her last attempt at getting in shape by purchasing a membership at a large gym with every intention of dedicating herself to her new routine. However, over the course of one expensive year she found that she had managed to get herself to go only a handful of times—more money and time wasted, still no real results.

Then, with a little motivation from her fellow Pole Mamas Dara, and Elaine, she attended her first Pole Fitness class and was instantly hooked. The Pole Mamas now all do Pole Fitness together, and they can honestly say that each of their lives has changed dramatically because of it.