Stunt Grip


When you need it most

As you perspire, Stunt Grip activates, you can feel it working harder when you do. Whether you have dry hands or you perspire, you can feel the difference of stunt grip.

What’s your stunt?

Pole Fitness, Acrobatics, Baseball, Parkour, Golf, Water sports, Driving, Fire Fighting, Bull Riding, Tennis, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Dancing, what’s your stunt?

Where you need it?

Place it where you need it. On your hands, under your feet, on your gloves, give yourself a better grip.

Why do you need it?

An improved grip can give you the edge you have been missing. A better grip improves your score, reliability, concentration and awareness. It may just make the difference between winning and losing.

Alcohol spray bottle not included.

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