Pss contestant information page

Here’s your chance to put your Studio on the world wide map!

Our Annual Pole Studio Showdown, will consist of Pole Studios from all over the country that will come visit Orlando! Owners, instructors, students, family and friends, come and represent your studio by showcasing your signature tricks, talents and awesome superstars! Only ONE Pole Studio will be chosen and named Winner of The Pole Studio Showdown 2018 and entitled to bragging rights, Studio & sponsored prizes from our amazing sponsors!

The Pole Studio Showdown Winner will also hold the traveling PSS trophy until the next year, where another studio will come, compete and take the Trophy Home!

Group and Solo Performances

We will be looking for originality, synchronicity, overall level of difficulty in moves and combos. We will also be judging on costumes, appearance and audience engagement.

Did your performance have a story? Did you put effort into costumes? Did you use the stage appropriately?

We want to see it all! So let’s see you bring out the big guns! Come and display your super stars, instructors, and owners who love to show of their strengths and are proud to be from your tribe! Give a group routine no one will forget! Let’s see you Studio Bring IT!

Group routine members must be from the same dance studio and consists of 4-8 members.

*Group Performance must be 5-8 minutes long.

This allows your studio to showcase your group and individual strengths from your Studio!

Each category will be judged and scored individually then added together and divided by 2 to get your Studio’s grand score.

    Judging: Scores will be 60% for group performance,  30% for solo, and 10% of will be based on your social media presence! Share your special #’s and studio’s info and have your fans, friends and family share! Get your studio to promote your team and gain more votes! Get everyone involved!

    Your studio must have one person compete in any single category.

    *Solo routine must be 3-5 minutes long.:

    Flexibility, Strength, or Freestyle 

    Solo performance cannot perform in group routine. (2 Total performances per studio – 1 Group and 1 Solo)

    The Solo artist will choose one category to compete in:

    Strength Category – let’s see those power moves. Let see those fonjis, planks, dynamic combos and more!

    Flexibility Category – can you touch your toes, how about head to toes, what else can you do with your flexibility on or off the pole?

    Freestyle Category – A list of 50 songs will be in a glass bowl comprised of 5 songs from each studio. One song will be randomly chosen by a live DJ with no pre rehearsed routines! This will be a fun and unique way to see you dance, move and trick all while free styling to a song selected by one of the competing studios.

    Both scores will be combined at the completion of the two categories and then divided to get your Studio’s final score. We will then get our Winner with the highest score and title winner of  the Pole Studio Showdown 2018!

    Our Pole Studio Showdown Winner will receive bragging rights, a Trophy for the Studio to keep, individual sponsored prizes and the unique grand Traveling Pole Studio Showdown Trophy! Your studio will house it at their studio for everyone to see, take pictures and show off until the next annual Pole Studio Showdown.

    Pole Studio Showdown and Pole Mamas will have you listed on their website with all your studio’s information, names of participants and promoted as this current year’s winner forever! Every year we will add a new studio.

    Props are always welcomed for routines but please keep it safe. No liquids, glitter, loose pearls or gems unless prior consent has been released by The Pole Studio Showdown.

    We do not allow any weapons inside the building period. No real knives or guns allowed in any performance or on the premises.

    All selected Studios must submit their registration form along with payment and names of all participants and their contact information by the posted deadline.

    Please feel free to contact if you have any further questions regarding the details of this event.