PSS Submission

Here’s your chance to put your Studio on the world wide map!

Only ONE Pole Studio will be chosen and named Winner of The Pole Studio Showdown!

Complete the below and submit your audition video.

    Pole Studio Information

    Studio Submission Video

    Submit your studio youtube submission video here.

    Give us a brief description of what sets your studio apart from the rest. What classes does your studio offer? What do you plan on bringing to the table for Pole Studio Showdown?

    Minimum 25 characters.

    Group & Solo Information

    Group Category

    Please list 4 to 8 participants and their corresponding top size.

    Solo Category
    Freestyle Song List

    Please list 3 to 5 of your studios favorite songs for our freestlye participants. Name of song and Artist.

    Rules and Submission Guidelines

    Your studio must perform one group routine and must have one competitor compete in a single category of choice: Flexibility, Strength, or Freestyle. *Solo competitor cannot be from the group routine. (Up to 9 Total competitors per studio).

    This allows your studio to showcase your group and individual strengths from your Studio!

    We want to see it all! So lets see you bring out the big guns! Come and display your super stars that love to show of their individual strengths, and give us a group routine we won't forget! So Bring IT!

    The scores will be judged individually then added and divided by 2 to get your Studio's grand score.

    1. Group Studio Performance (4-8 participants).
    2. Strength Category (let's see those power moves).
    3. Flexibility Category (can you touch your toes, how about head to toes?).
    4. Freestyle Category (one song will be selected for your solo performance live)

    A list of songs will be given to the DJ, and will be randomly chosen with no time for pre-rehearsed routines. This will be an exciting way to freestyle and really showcase yourself! Song list will be comprised of 3-5 songs selected from each studio.

    Both scores will be combined at the completion of both categories and then divided by 2 to get your Studio's final score. We will then get our Winner with the highest score for the Pole Studio Showdown!

    Our Pole Studio Showdown Winner will receive some wonderful prizes, bragging rights, and a Trophy for the Studio to keep, small trophies for all participants. Winner will also hold The unique grand Traveling Pole Studio Showdown Trophy at their studio until the next annual Pole Studio Showdown where another studio will compete to take that trophy home!

    As winner of the Pole Studio Showdown, your studio will receive maximum exposure by having you listed on our website with all your studio's information, names of participants and promotions as that current year's winner forever! We also will share all our pictures videos from the event on all our social media outlets. @polestudioshowdown @polemamas @polefitnessvideos

    Thank you for taking your time to apply and we can't wait to see what you have for us!

    Good luck!!

    *Submission fee of $400 is required with this application. If your studio is not selected, you will be reimbursed $350.