Shaina C.

Shaina Cruea is the 2014 United States National Pole Dance Champion. She is known for combining her unique contemporary dance style with the beauty of fluid strength and grace.

As a resident elevatED certified pole instructor at the infamous Body & Pole of NYC, Shaina remains as dedicated to teaching others her knowledge of pole as she is to continuing the evolution of her style and expertise.

  • 2013 Atlantic Pole Championship ~ Placed 2nd in Level 2 (Washington DC)
  • 2013 United States National Pole Championship ~ Placed 2nd in Level 3 (Las Vegas, NV)
  • 2013 Super Shag Pole Fitness Championships ~ Placed 2nd in Level 3 (Boston, MA)
  • 2014 Florida Pole Fitness Championship ~ Placed 3rd in the Professional Division (Orlando, FL)
  • 2014 Atlantic Pole Champion (Washington DC)
  • 2014 US National Pole Champion (New York, NY)

Dance Training

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Shaina has studied various forms of dance for over 25 years. Her professional training began in high school when she was selected to attend the VA Governors School for the Arts. After performing in numerous productions, Shaina decided to further her knowledge of dance and its history by attending Old Dominion University and obtaining her BA in Dance Performance. While in college, Shaina continued to hone her technique and performance abilities with Virginia-based contemporary ballet/modern dance companies from 2004-2009. In 2010, Shaina made the move to NYC in search of new opportunities in the dance world.

Pole Training

In October of 2012, Shaina took her first pole dance class at Body & Pole taught by a friend from her high school dance days, Marlo Fisken. She immediately fell in love with the combination of dance, athleticism and grace and was selected to participate in the 2013 work/study program at Body & Pole of NYC. After completing the program, Shaina joined the Body & Pole staff as an elevatED-certified pole instructor. Known for her “legs for days” and stylized contemporary pole dance choreography, Shaina shares her passion through her performances, teaching her students at Body & Pole, and traveling the world holding her signature contemPOLEary DANCE workshops.